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UFC on FUEL 8: Wanderlei Silva vs. Brian Stann Live Results and Play by Play Sat, 02 Mar 2013 17:57:23 +0000 Live from the Saitama Super Arena, UFC presents UFC on FUEL 8: Silva vs. Stann. In the main event of the evening, Brian Stann faces off against PRIDE favorite, legend Wanderlei Silva. The main card airs on FUEL TV following prelims on Facebook.

Come back at 8 PM ET for the beginning of our live coverage with the Facebook prelims. The main card begins at 10 PM ET.

Marcelo Guimaraes vs. Hyun Gyu Lim
Round 1 - Leg kicks from each fighter to start. Takedown from Guimaraes is avoided by Lim. Gyu Lim with a counter right as Guimaraes comes in for another takedown. Lim thwarts a takedown attempt and pops off two hooks. Big right uppercut coming forward from Guimaraes. Jumping front kick from Guimaraes misses. Two jabs from Gyu Lim and and another takedown is avoided. Big overhand right from Guimaraes, but Gyu Lim lands a knee to the face as he comes in for a takedown. Lim continues to back into the center of the Octagon and is working the jab. Kicks from Lim, as he lands one to the body. On a flying knee attempt from Lim, Guimaraes gets a big takedown into butterfly guard to end round one. 10-9 Lim

Round 2 – Leg kicks and jabs from Lim early on as he re-establishes the distance. Side kick from Guimaraes pushes Lim across the cage. Big takedown is stuffed by Lim. Another takedown is stuffed and Guimaraes eats a knee for his effort. Guimaraes gives two punches to Lim as he backs away. Good four strike combo from Lim, who fits a body shot in there to soften him up. Guimaraes ducks a hook and dumps Lim to his back. Guimaraes is quickly into half guard. Lim gets back to his feet, but Guimaraes still has leg. Lim swings free and the blood is beginning to run onto the lip of Lim. Guimaraes is swinging for the fences, but Lim has no respect for his power and walks through everything he puts out there. Guimaraes ducks down and Lim throws a knee to the chin of Guimaraes and he is out cold.

Winner: Hyun Gyu Lim by KO (R2, knee, 4:00)

Alex Caceres vs. Kyung Ho Kang
Round 1 – Superman punch from Caceres misses and Kang clinches him into a body lock. Kang finishes the takedown and is into guard. Kang stands and rains long punches on Caceres and controls him as he gets into side control. The smiling Caceres gets back to his feet. He misses another big punch and he is dumped to his back by Kang. Caceres looks for a kneebar, but Kang is free and working from half guard. Cacares gets up to his feet, but Kang takes his back as he ducks two punches. Caceres reverses the position and gets a few punches before Kang stands up and trips Caceres down to the mat. Sweep from Caceres but he lets Kang go after an omoplata attempt. Back on their feet, Kang and Caceres begin striking in earnest. Right hand misses from Kang. Double kick from Caceres. Big right from Kang that backs up Caceres as the round ends. 10-9 Kang

Round 2 - Side kick from Caceres misses. Kang shoots forward and gets the takedown on his opponent. He has side control briefly, but is doing some limited damage in half guard. Caceres uses a slick butterfly guard to get up to his feet, but Kang is on the attack. Kang and Caceres miss hooks and Kang commits to takedown that Caceres avoids. Back to his feet, Kang goes for a toss, but Caceres lands on top. He rolls through and tries for Kang’s back, but he transitions into Caceres’ guard. Kang takes Caceres’ back and has the choke up under the chin. Caceres gets free and is in top position on his feet. Big axe kick to the body from Caceres but Kang is able to get free. Big takedown into guard from Kang and we end the round with Kang in top position. 10-9 Kang

Round 3 - Right hand over the top connects from Kang. One-two from Caceres. Body kick from Caceres is caught and Kang kicks his leg out from under him. Caceres gets aggressive and switches the position. He misses out on a guillotine attempt, but Kang pops his head out. Short elbows from Caceres and a knee to the body as Kang rises. It appears that Kang eats a knee to the head while grounded, but no matter, he drives through into Caceres’ guard. Caceres tries to push off, but Kang is right back on him. Caceres escapes and goes for a triangle attempt. He uses it to reverse the position and is hammering down with blows. Caceres is on top in mount and tries for a triangle, but Kang gets free. Big upkick from Kang. Caceres continues to look for a finish but Kang is hanging in. The round ends with Caceres on top of the turtled Kang, but no finish. 10-9 Caceres and 29-28 Kang

Winner: Alex Caceres by split decision (29-28, 28-29, 29-28)

Cristiano Marcello vs. Kazuki Tokudome
Round 1 – High kick blocked by Tokudome. An exchange of leg kicks from each fighter. Marcello lands a right that puts Tokudome against the fence. Tokudome recovers in time to deliver two of his own. Grabbed into the clinch by Marcello, Tokudome eats a few knees to the body. Marcello is slugging it out with Tokudome and has a welt under his eye to show for it. Big miss on a kick from Marcello, who ends up on his back, bleeding from the nose. Tokudome lands some very good ground and pound. Tokudome tries to stand up and eats an upkick, falling into half guard. Marcello works for a leg lock, but Tokudome rolls free. Tokudome is hit with an illegal upkick as the round ends. No warning from the ref. 10-9 Tokudome

Round 2 – Marcello paws the jab out there, testing the distance before charging in with a takedown attempt. Tokudome grabs him around the waist and tosses him to his back. Tokudome now in full guard and Marcello is working to get off his back as he eats long left hands. Scissor sweep attempted by Marcello, but Tokudome is able to steer clear. The referee stands both fighters up again. Marcello charges across the ring with a wild, swinging combination and is able to get a takedown. Tokudome is able to get back to his feet. Front kick from Marcello lands. Marcello lands a right hand and after a big feint, lands another big right. Tokudome lands two good combinations and then a knee to the body as the round ends. 10-9 Tokudome

Round 3 - Right hand from Marcello lands, but Tokudome counters and drops Marcello with a short left hook. Marcello eats a ton of long punches while on his back. In Marcello’s closed guard, Cristiano Marcello controls the wrist of Kazuki Tokudome. Tokudome tries to get to his feet and he eats an upkick. Marcello uses this opening to spin free and back to his feet. Left-right-left from Marcello, but Tokudome walks through the combo. Big right hand from Marcello just misses “the button”. Flying knee to the body by Tokudome, but Marcello grabs the knee. Marcello tries to get the back, but Tokudome is able to spin around into clinch. Side takedown by Tokudome. Posturing up in guard, Tokudome lands from long punches. Marcello reaches for another leg lock, but Tokudome stands up out of the move. Big upkicks threaten the chin of Tokudome, but the round ends without a KO.

Winner: Kazuki Tokudome by unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)

Takeya Mizugaki vs. Bryan Caraway
Round 1 – Left hand connects for Mizugaki. Caraway eats an inside leg kick early on. Left hand and right uppercut land for Caraway. Caraway ducks down for a takedown and gets Mizugaki against the fence. Caraway goes for a single leg, but Mizugaki lands a nice right hand. Caraway down momentarily, but back to his feet. Left hook to the body from Mizugaki. Left connects for Caraway and he gets a takedown. He can’t keep Mizugaki on his back, however, and they’re back to their feet. Good sequence from each fighter. Caraway eats another right hook. Left uppercut and big right from Mizugaki. Caraway can’t get a takedown. Caraway finally drives through and gets Mizugaki to the fence. Caraway takes his back and is working for the choke as the round ends. 10-9 Mizugaki

Round 2
– Left-right lands for Mizugaki. Caraway eats an outside leg kick and is pressing forward. Big body shot from Mizugaki. Caraway goes for a double leg takedown, but switches to a single leg against the fence. Mizugaki grabs the fence so that he doesn’t go to the mat. He grabs it again and Caraway’s corner yells for the point deduction. The fighters end up back in the center of the cage and Caraway eats a big liver shot. Big right hand from Caraway puts Mizugaki down. Caraway grabs a guillotine in mount, but Mizugaki gets free. Caraway grabs the neck from behind. Mizugaki is able to roll, however, Caraway stays with him and ends up in half guard. Good second round ends with Mizugaki on his back. 10-9 Caraway

Round 3 – Big right lands for each fighter. Caraway comes forward and gets a left before backing out. Left to the body from Mizugaki and a right hand drops Caraway. Mizugaki gets on top, but Caraway recovers and is back on his feet. Big right lands again for Mizugaki. Caraway shoots for a takedown and it’s stuff. Mizugaki lands a big left hook on the way out. Mizugaki again with a leaping left hook. Half the round has gone by and Caraway goes for a takedown. Stuffed. Big left hook from Mizugaki keeps landing. Caraway is working for a takedown and almost gets him to the mat. In the clinch against the fence, Mizugaki lands some knees to the body. Caraway is content to dirty box. Takedown attempt by Caraway and he lands a big hook on the way out to the center of the cage. Left and rights are flashed away with no one really doing much damage as the fight draws to a close. 10-9 Mizugaki and 29-28 Mizugaki

Winner: Takeya Mizugaki by split decision (28-29, 29-28, 29-28)

Riki Fukuda vs. Brad Tavares
Round 1 – Big shot catches Tavares as he throws another kick and Fukuda ends up on top on the mat. Tavares is able to explode to his feet and push Fukuda away. Body kick by Tavares is caught and ends up on his back. Good triangle attempt by Tavares, but Fukuda gets his arm free and Tavares pushes back to his feet. Inside leg kick from Fukuda. Good combination from Tavares as he comes forward. Jab from Tavares finds a home after he eats a leg kick. Two leg kicks then a body kick thrown out there from Riki Fukuda. Right hand over the top lands on the ear of Brad Tavares. Outside leg kick from Brad Tavares. High kick from Tavares is blocked. Right hand from Tavares lands. Another right high kick from Tavares lands. Fukuda catches another body kick and has his leg swept out from under him. Tavares recovers quickly and ends up on his feet. Round one ends. 10-9 Tavares

Round 2 - Inside leg kick lands HARD from Tavares. Fukuda clinches up and gets Tavares against the cage. Back in the center of the cage, Tavares is finding a home for his right hand-right kick combination. Outside leg kick from Tavares. Big jabs from Brad Tavares and Fukuda is a swollen mess. Brad Tavares comes forward with a pair of hooks and follows it with a body kick that just misses. Right uppercut lands in the clinch for Tavares. Spinning backfist glances off the chin of Riki Fukuda. Tavares is coming on very strong in this round. Left high kick from Fukuda is blocked. Fukuda, the commentators are saying, hasn’t thrown a left hand this round. He was seen shaking it off between rounds. Jab-straight combination from Tavares. He seems to be landing it at will. Fukuda lands a big shot with his weaker hand. Another big left hand from Fukuda and the round ends after a front kick to the face of Fukuda. 10-9 Tavares

Round 3 – Tavares continues to attack in the third. His jab has been finding a home. Riki Fukuda has heart as he is obviously hurt and he’s still attacking with his left, damaged, hand. Inside leg kick from Fukuda. Tavares to the head, but Fukuda hits a leg kick to the body. Tavares hits a kick as Fukuda comes forward. Halfway through the round, Tavares misses a big right uppercut and Fukuda tries to clinch, missing a left hand in the process. Dirty boxing from Tavares, landing some short uppercuts. Right hand from Fukuda. Jab from Tavares as Fukuda steps in. Nice right hands from Tavares who throws a big right high kick that is blocked. Three right hands from Tavares. Right high kick is checked by Fukuda. Right hand is followed by a jab from Tavares. The fight ends with a missed strike. 10-9 Tavares and 30-27 Brad Tavares

Winner: Brad Tavares by unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 30-27)

Dong Hyun Kim vs. Siyar Bahadurzada
Round 1 - Bahadurzada testing the jab early. Kim flicks out a kick and misses. Kim comes in and clinches with Bahadurzada, but he stuffs the takedown. Left high kick is checked by Bahadurzada. Wild right from Bahadurzada misses wildly and Kim counters with a high kick that misses over the top. Left hand from Kim leads to him getting a single leg takedown. Kim gets mount and is pulled in tight by Bahadurzada. Short punches to the head from Kim. As Kim lands several short elbows, Bahadurzada tries to pop free to no avail. Big elbow from Kim. Kim gets the back of Bahadurzada as he stands and the round ends as the two collapse to the mat. 10-9 Kim

Round 2 – Front kick from Bahadurzada misses. Bahadurzada keeps poppin out that jab and leads in with a big overhand right. High kick from Kim is countered by a big right hand. Takedown is stuffed by Bahadurzada and he lands a counter. Kim with another takedown into side control. Knees to the body from Bahadurzada, who rolls onto his stomach and accidentally gives up his back to Kim. Kim ends up in mount again, hitting short strikes and some big elbows. Bahadurzada almost gives up a head and arm triangle and Kim slides further forward, striking with double hammerfists. Kim is high on Bahadurzada’s chest and is landing strikes as the round ends. 10-9 Kim

Round 3 – Bahadurzada needs to press as he’s down two rounds. Right hand lands for Bahadurzada, but Kim hits a push kick. Takedown into side control by Kim. Kim works in crucifix position before quickly switching to mount. The head and arm choke is there again and Kim slowly works free by hitting knees to the body. The choke is in tight, but Bahadurzada is hanging in there. Kim cannot get the position to finish the hold after a lot of effort and he finally maintains mount and lands several strong strikes. Kim is going nuts, even shaking his head for Bahadurzada to hit him. Kim hits more double hammerfists and Bahadurzada almost slips out the back door as the fight ends. 10-9 Kim and 30-27 Kim

Winner: Dong Hyun Kim by unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)

Mizuto Hirota vs. Rani Yahya
Round 1 - Right hand connects from Yahya. Yahya shoots and gets a takedown early. Hirota is able to use the fence to get back to his feet, but Yahya takes his back and tries for an omoplata. Hirota gets free and is clinches with Yahya on their feet so Yahya pulls guard. Yahya sweeps back on top and has shown a ton of persistence so far. Strikes to the ears and sides of the head from Yahya. Hirota uses that as a chance to get up, but he’s soon dumped back onto his back, eating punches from Rani Yahya. Yahya loses a kimura attempt, but ends up on Hirota’s back. The round comes to a halt as Yahya works for a choke. 10-9 Yahya

Round 2 - Hirota gets a clinch with underhooks and forces Yahya to the fence. Yahya drops for a takedown and gets it. Yahya gets to half guard against the cage, but Hirota gives up the head and arm choke. Yahya is really cranking on the hold and Hirota is able to use the cage to protect himself. Yahya gives up the attempt and ends up back in guard. Good short punches on the mat from Yahya. Yahya is grinding on Hirota, who has to be frustrated. 10-9 Yahya

Round 3 - Yahya circles away as he knows that Hirota needs a finish to take this bout. Takedown stuffed by Hirota and he gets back to his feet. Right hand coming forward from Yahya followed by another takedown that is blocked by Hirota. Rani Yahya gets a single and is down. Hirota transitions through an attacks with a straight armbar. The submission attempt is tight, but Yahya remains calm and escapes. Yahya gets Hirota’s back once again and is working for a choke. Hirota gets a double leg takedown, but Yahya hangs on tight. Hirota into half guard and striking. Yahya rolls to his knees and eats to two hammerfists. Yahya stands up and Hirota charges in with a flying knee. Yahya is down on his face and Hirota lands short punches to the side of the head. Yahya gets up and throws a big spinning backfist that doesn’t connect. He backs away to the cage and Hirota pursues as the fight draws to a conclusion. 10-9 Hirota and 29-28 Yahya

Winner: Rani Yahya by unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)

Yushin Okami vs. Hector Lombard
Round 1 – Lombard comes out aggressive early and pursues Okami around the cage. There is a marked height advantage for Okami. Big kick from Lombard, but Okami gets a single leg takedown. Lombard is able to explode back to his feet. Two shots in the clinch from Lombard. Body kick from Okami. Right hand from Okami as Lombard comes in. Lombard finds a home for his right and left. Lombard is starting to find a rhythm for his shots. Another single leg takedown from Okami and he’s into half guard. Okami smothers Lombard to the mat, but he’s up and stuck in the clinch against the cage. Knees to the body from Okami. Body shot from Lombard. The round ends with Lombard pressing Okami to the fence. 10-9 Okami

Round 2 – Knee to the body from Okami. Nasty look on that one. Right hand from Okami comes through cleanly. Two punch combo from Okami as he finds his range. High kick from Okami is blocked and Lombard starts coming forward, barely missing a left uppercut. Single leg takedown that Lombard tries to get free, but Okami persists and has Hector Lombard on his back again. Okami gets full mount on Hector Lombard, who is in big, big trouble now. Big elbow misses from Okami. Short punches from Okami as the round ends. 10-9 Okami

Round 3 – Lombard comes out attacking and Okami gets hurt early. Lombard gets him with shots to the body, but Okami gets a knee. Okami comes for a takedown but Lombard ends up in half guard. Here’s Lombard’s chance to show what his big contract is all about. Okami grabs a single leg from the bottom, but Hector Lombard lands with hammerfists while Okami hangs on. Lombard stands up and motions for Okami to stands, but Okami comes up grabbing for a takedown. Lombard pushes Okami away. Okami looks exhausted and comes forward with a takedown attempt that is stuffed. Lombards slides into guard. Not sure why. He was getting the better of him on the feet to start the round. Twenty seconds to go and Lombard is being held down by Okami. 10-9 Lombard and 29-28 Okami

Winner: Yushin Okami by split decision (29-28, 28-29, 29-28)

Takanori Gomi vs. Diego Sanchez
Round 1 - “The Fireball Kid” comes out swinging. Leg kick from Sanchez. Right hand over the top from Gomi. Two big hooks miss from Sanchez. Accidental kick to the cup on Gomi, but he walks it off. Diego Sanchez gets a takedown and gets on top. Gomi works his way back to his feet quickly. Loud “Gomi” chants start to break out. Two right hands to the body from Diego Sanchez. Jab lands from Gomi. Sanchez throws a front kick to the body. Gomi gets a knee up, but Sanchez eats it and gets a takedown. Gomi is stuck in a kneebar, but he slips free and is back on his feet. Body kick by Gomi is caught by Sanchez, who drives him across the cage for a takedown as the round ends. 10-9 Gomi

Round 2 - Body shot from Gomi early on in the round. Diego shoots for a takedown, but Gomi avoids it. Right hand to the body from Gomi. Stoppage by the ref for a kick to the groin. Left hand connects for Diego Sanchez. Gomi continues to back Sanchez against the fence with his solid pursuit, led by a solid jab. Body kick lands for Diego Sanchez. Hook to the body from Sanchez. Right hand from Gomi as Sanchez comes in for a takedown. Body kick and jab from Gomi. Outside leg kick from Gomi, but a liver kick lands from Sanchez. Both fighters press for a finish as the round concludes. 10-9 Gomi

Round 3 – Both fighters run to the center of the cage. Inside leg kick from Diego. Front kick is blocked by Sanchez. Jab by Gomi. Gomi gets back to the center of the cage and hits a leg kick. He’s avoiding a big takedown against the fence. Inside leg kick connects for Sanchez. Left uppercut lands for Sanchez. Right hand in for Gomi. Front kick misses for Sanchez. Gomi eats a body kick. Only two minutes to go and Diego isn’t pressing. Body kick from Sanchez and he tries for a takedown that, ultimately, fails. High kick from Sanchez misses over the top and Gomi nearly gets a massive takedown. Body punch and missed right hand from Gomi. Gomi tosses Sanchez aside again, avoiding a takedown. Sanchez with a body kick. Both fighters go for a body kick at the same time. Sanchez goes down quickly, but recovers and charges forward with a flurry. Gomi avoids most of the strikes and the round, and fight, come to a close. 10-9 Gomi and 30-27 Gomi

Winner: Diego Sanchez by split decision (29-28, 28-29, 29-28)

Mark Hunt vs. Stefan Struve
Round 1 – High kick from Struve is pulled early. So lanky. Big punches from Hunt, getting him against the cage. Outside leg kicks are landing for Hunt and turning Struve sideways. Left and right to the body from Hunt. Hunt gets clinched up with Struve and Struve pulls guard. Struve sweeps into mount with a butterfly guard. Hunt is able to get back into half guard. Hunt tries to counter and sweep and Struve holds off and gets back into mount. Big punches from Struve, but Hunt rolls away and into an armbar. Hunt ends up back on top, but Struve has butterfly guard again. Big right hand to the chin of Stefan Struve. Struve tries for a submission from his back, but as he tries to sweep, Hunt gets through to side control. 10-9 Struve

Round 2 - Leaping left hook lands clean from Mark Hunt. Two jabs land clean for Struve. Another leaping left from Hunt. Big punch to the body from Hunt. Right hand over the top by Mark Hunt. Mark Hunt comes in with the left hook again and he lays in some big punches while Struve covers up. Double jab two a hook from Hunt. Body shot from Hunt. Mark Hunt with a front sweep to the mat. Struve tries to set up a triangle and Hunt tries to get free. Struve grabs a leg, but Hunt works his way free. Struve tries to take Hunt’s back, but Hunt is able to wiggle free. Side control from Hunt but he works his way back to standing and trips Hunt. Back in mount, Struve is raining down punches. Struve goes for an armbar, but he forgets Hunt’s arm. Hunt ends up in top position as the round draws to a close. 10-9 Hunt

Round 3 – Right hand lands from Hunt. Huge body shot and a big left hook from Hunt. Jab from Struve. Head kick from Struve lands cleanly. Right hand from Struve finds a home. Struve continues to walk forward but he’s clearly hurt. Another combination lands for Hunt. Huge leaping left hook puts Struve down and staring at the lights. Hunt gets a walk off KO and Herb Dean comes in to stop the fight.

Winner: Mark Hunt by TKO (R3, punches, 1:44)

Main Event
Wanderlei Silva vs. Brian Stann
Round 1 – Stann comes in with a flurry and Silva retaliates. Stann slips and Wanderlei lands several shots. Knee in the clinch from Wandy. Silva is stunned by Stann and he shoots for the takedown. Back in the center of the cage again and Silva and Stann are going at it, but Stann catches Silva and he drops for the takedown again. No takedown for Silva. Sequence of powerful strikes from Silva miss, but on a knee to the chin, Silva takes a foot to the groin and the action is stopped. Stann is already bleeding from the nose. Jab from Wanderlei Silva. Big hit from Silva after the leg kick from Stann. Leg kick from Stann. Insane flurry from both fighters. Silva bounces off the cage and comes back with a hook that puts Stann on his knees. Silva grabs him by the neck as he stands up and hits a big knee. Stann ends up in Silva’s guard as the round draws to a close. 10-9 Stann

Round 2 - Left hand from Silva. Left hand connects from Stann and Silva comes right back with a right hand. Left punch to the body by Silva. Leg kick by Stann. Big right hand breezes past Brian Stann. Inside leg kick from Stann lands in the groin on Silva, but the stoppage is short. Silva hits a punch after a leg kick by Stann. High kick from Silva lands on the right temple of Stann. Outside leg kick from Brian Stann. Huge jumping right hand from Wanderlei Silva and Brian Stann is falling backwards in slow motion. Silva jumps in and pounds Stann out for the finish. Silva shows his appreciation to the crowd and blows kisses to the audience. Truly humbled by their reaction.

Winner: Wanderlei Silva by KO (R2, punches, 4:08)×120.jpg×250.jpg

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Mark Hunt vs. Stefan Struve Back On! UFC on Fuel TV 8 in Return to Japan Tue, 04 Dec 2012 19:00:22 +0000 MMA Weekly that the UFC’s return to the land of the rising sun will feature a man who made his bones in that country as a kickboxing and MMA Star. Mark Hunt and Stefan Struve, previously scheduled to fight until Hunt blew his knee out on the all heavyweight card this past summer, have verbally agreed to face one another in March on the UFC on Fuel TV card in Japan.

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UFC Struve vs. Miocic Main Card Report Sun, 30 Sep 2012 15:04:40 +0000 Live from cageside at Nottingham’s Capital FM Arena, Will Cooling brings you all the action from the UFC on Fuel’s main card

Che Mills vs. Duane Ludwig

An odd fight that begun like the frenetic slugfest we expected but then degenerated into a grappling match! Che Mills was the first to deviate off script as he completed a takedown and began working some not particularly effective ground and pound. An attempt to pass from side control to full mountain left him marooned in Ludwig’s guard. Not a natural grappler, Mills kept putting his all into his punches ignoring Ludwig’s legs gradually rise up his back. Unsurprisingly a triangle choke attempt soon followed although Mills was able to evade. When Ludwig got back to his feet it seems Ludwig tried for a takedown of his own, only for Mills to counter and send him to the ground again. Unfortunately in this rather messy exchange Ludwig’s knee badly popped, leaving Herb Dean with no choice but to call off the fight with less than four minutes gone.

Che Mills defeated Duane Ludwig by TKO at 2:28 of the first round

John Hathaway vs. John Maguire

The first bad fight of the night as Hathaway was content to grind out a victory over the always game Maguire. Whether it was using his superior height and reach to box from distance against the smaller Maguire or his wrestling to hold down for prolonged periods, Hathaway did little to endear himself to the fans that had earlier given him such an enthusiastic reception. Indeed at both the end of the second round and midway through the third they clearly booed his cautious tactics. When Maguire got a surprise takedown towards the end of the fight, the crowd actually cheered, a reversal of their allegiances at the start of the night. While Hathaway deserved the decision victory having proved him the superior fighter this did nothing to help him regain the momentum he had following his destruction of Diego Sanchez in 2010. And indeed while the fans didn’t like his tactics the memory of how thrilling it was to see a British fighter dominate with wrestling still remains engrained in the fanbase, as shown by the polite cheers Hathaway received when his shutout victory was announced.

John Hathaway defeated John Maguire by unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)

Paul Sass vs. Matt Wiman

A tremendously entertaining bout, which saw Matt Wiman return after a year’s absence to make a real statement about his quality as a grappler. Paul Sass was the aggressor early, quickly taking down Wiman and getting to work on a variety of submission attempts. We had him going for heel hooks, triangle chokes, even an Oomaplata. But Wiman was the equal to it, showing why he was able to go twenty fights without ever been submitted. But then Wiman went on the attack. An attempted triangle choke drew audible gasps from a crowd amused at the thought of Sass being hoisted by his own petard. They would be less pleased when Wiman really did make the Brit tap after securing an armbar a minute later.

Matt Wiman defeated Paul Sass by submission at 3:48 of the first round

Brad Pickett vs. Yves Jabouin

It’s just under a year ago since Renan Barao knocked out Brad Pickett in the first round after landing the telling punch of a frenetic scrap. Well it was the same story with a different ending for Pickett on his return to the Midlands, as he cut short what was building into an all-out brawl with a nasty uppercut. Yves Jabouin who had been standing toe to toe with a tight, determined Pickett collapsed in a heap and was powerless to defend against two exclamatory (and unnecessary) follow-up punches on the ground.  With this knockout following a submission victory Damacio Page, Pickett is surely moving back into championship contention in a relatively shallow division.

Brad Pickett defeated Yves Jabouin by knockout at 3:40 of the first round

Dan Hardy vs. Amir Saddollah 

Maybe not since Randy Couture challenged Tim Sylvia in 2007 has a crowd so lived and died with their favorite. Other than Michael Bisping, Dan Hardy is by far the most popular fighter Britain has ever produced but in his home town emotions were running at a fever pitch. A thunderous reception greeted his entry, as the smaller crowd in Nottingham made a noise louder than managed by audiences twice as big as his previous appearances inside the Octagon on this side of the Atlantic. When the fight would cheer his every move, often erupting into loud soccer-style chants of ‘Hardy’ and ‘In-Ger-Land’.

And luckily for Hardy and all his fans, his recent upturn in performances continued as he secured the crucial victory in a venue just walking distance from his house. The striking exchanges were fairly even, with Hardy’s leaky defense seeing him take plenty of hits on the chin. Perhaps conscious of how his chin gave way in his last fight in the UK, Hardy made the wise decision to mix things up. While ‘The Outlaw’ will never be a natural wrestler, indeed his takedowns look strikingly unnatural, he managed to take Saddollah off his feet in both the second and third rounds. While Hardy did manage to cut Saddollah with elbows in the second, it was essentially a man often inaccurately billed as a knockout artist playing the points and percentages game, using the takedowns to run down the clock with him on top. Whereas the fans patience was tested when Hathaway tried this tactic, they all could see the bigger picture when it came to Hardy. When the result was announced the crowd erupted into cheers with an emotional Hardy summing it up best. “I always dreamed of fighting for the UFC in Nottingham…the only thing that could be better than this would be to bring to the title back to you guys”.

Dan Hardy defeated Amir Saddollah by unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 30-27)

Stefan Struve vs. Stipe Miocic

Stefan Struve ended UFC’s return to the UK with an emphatic knockout that went a long to answering the doubts that have surrounded the young fighter’s career inside the Octagon. Squaring off against the former Golden Gloves champion Stipe Miocic many, myself included, were confidently predicting that Struve would fail to use kickboxing and gigantic proportions to properly control the distance and fight at range. And in the first round it seemed that we naysayers were right with Struve allowing Miocic to tag him in a way that should simply not have been possible.

But in the second round something strange happened. While the technical lapses that stop Struve being MMA’s Semmy Schilt were still much in evidence he managed to rise above them and fight fire with fire. As he acknowledged himself his chin has long been a question mark but he was able to stand up to the Bulgarian’s bombs and as the round went on began punishing the undefeated fighter. Before long Miocic crumpled under the Dutchman’s onslaught, securing Struve the most impressive victory of his twelve fight UFC career. With Struve referencing that this victory makes him a top five heavyweight, bigger challenges await the UFC’s own skyscraper.

Stefan Struve defeated Stipe Miocic by knockout at 3:50 of the second round

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UFC 146: Dos Santos vs. Mir Live Results and Play by Play Sat, 26 May 2012 20:06:58 +0000

Welcome to our live coverage of UFC 146: Dos Santos vs. Mir. In the main event of tonight’s all heavyweight card, UFC Heavyweight champion Junior dos Santos takes on former champion Frank Mir. It should a be night of spectacular finishes and fights, so follow here live beginning with the FX prelims at 8 PM ET. The PPV starts at 10 PM ET and we’ll see you here live from Inside Fights HQ!

UFC Heavyweight Title Bout
Junior dos Santos (c) vs. Frank Mir

Round 1 - Mir shoots in and gets a leg, working for the takedown. Stiff jab lands for dos Santos as the two men are back into the center of the cage. Body shot connects for Dos Santos. Three leg kicks from Mir as the former champ is working to slow the champion down. Big right from dos Santos. Two hooks from dos Santos are blocked. Mir continues to attack the front leg of Junior. Big body punch by the champ. Dos Santos staggers Mir with 20 seconds to go and he barely survives to the buzzer. 10-9 dos Santos

Round 2 - Right hand connets for dos Santos. He’s picking Mir apart. Another punch connects and Mir is on his back. dos Santos waves him back to his feet and Mir obliges, connecting with a lead jab. Frank claims a poke and is forced to continue. A body kick connects for Mir as dos Santos connects upstairs. Inside leg kick lands for Frank Mir. Frank Mir is dropped in slow motion by a shot to the eye. dos Santos swarms Mir who tries to grab an arm. dos Santos steps away as Frank Mir remains turtled but moves forward to gain the finish as the referee stops the bout.

Winner: Junior dos Santos by TKO (R2, punches, 3:04)

Cain Velasquez vs. Antonio Silva

Round 1 - Big takedown immediately by Cain Velasquez as he catches a kick from Big Foot. There’s a lot of blood coming out of Silva early. Big ground and pound and the blood is spraying. Silva is able to wriggle free due to the slippery conditions of his body and the doctor comes in to check it out. He’s going to be allowed to continue it. They are restarted on the mat and Cain is attacking the cut once again. Ground and pound in the half guard for Cain Velasquez and the bout is stopped.

Winner: Cain Velasquez by TKO (R1, punches, 3:36)

Roy Nelson vs. Dave Herman

Round 1 - Knee to the body from Herman to start. Front kicks from Herman are the order for Dave Herman. Holy cow, one big right hand drops Dave Herman who folds like a card table. Nelson steps in for one punch to finish and the ref pulls him off for the victory.

Winner: Roy Nelson by knockout (R1, punches, 0:51)

Stipe Miočić vs. Shane del Rosario

Round 1 - Body kick from Del Rosario. Good combination coming forward for Miocic. Left liver kick from Del Rosario is partially caught. Del Rosario is coming forward with a bunch of bodykicks. Miocic lands a right hand that pushes Del Rosario against the fence. Slip on a punch from Stipe sends him running across the cage chased by Del Rosario. Lunging right from Stipe is answered by a combination from Shane. Big takedown by Miocic but he lets Del Rosario up as the round ends. 10-9 Del Rosario

Round 2 - Leg kick to start the round for Del Ro. Big left hook lands for Miocic but Del Rosario walks through it. Miocic gets a takedown and is working some ground and pound on Del Rosario. Beefy hook on the bottom Del Rosario. Shane Del Rosario is cut open and Miocic is just handling him on the mat. Stipe Miocic lands several huge short elbows that Del Rosario grimaces through and the referee steps in to stop the bout.

Winner: Stipe Miocic by TKO (R2, elbows, 3:14)

Stefan Struve vs. Lavar Johnson

Round 1 - Lavar Johnson comes out with body punches early. Struve gets himself pressed against the cage. Struve pulls guard and has an arm trapped. Struve takes the armbar and brings Johnson’s arm home with him and earns the submission. Johnson says that he’s broken his arm as the fight ends.

Winner: Stefan Struve by submission (R1, armbar, 1:05)

Diego Brandao vs. Darren Elkins

Round 1 – Big uppercut misses from Brandao. Good combination lands from Brandao. Brandao ends up in mount, but Elkins has hip escaped and tries for a kimura. Brandao lets him up and sprawls a takedown. Flying knee to the body by Brandao drops Elkins. Side control for Brandao but Elkins tries for triangles. Brandao rocks Elkins twice and ends up in side control. Elkins is on his back and eats a big right hand from Brandao. Back into full guard, Brandao is working big punches on his opponent. 10-9 Brandao

Round 2 - Diego is more deliberate at the start. Good knee to the face from Diego. Elkins is connecting now. Elbow by Diego Brandao connects. Elkins is coming forward and lands. Diego slips on a big kick and Elkins has begun to control Brandao on the mat. Good strikes from Elkins as he tries to pass guard. High mount acquired by Darren Elkins. Brandao is getting hammered with big strikes and is able to squirm away into half guard. The round ends with Elkins in control. 10-9 Elkins

Round 3 - Lead uppercut by Brandao. Left hand again from Elkins. He’s able to get that punch at will. Elkins takes a knee from Brandao and gets him down onto his back. Good takedown for Elkins. Ground and pound is the order of the day for Elkins. Darren Elkins is into full mount once again. Brandao is able to eat a few shots and roll back into half guard. Elkins goes for an arm in guillotine but Brandao gets free. Back to their feet and Brandao takes top control with just under a minute to go. Diego is working for a finish from the top and stands up for a big punch that connects but it shouldn’t be enough. 10-9 Elkins

Winner: Darren Elkins by unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)

Edson Barboza vs. Jamie Varner

Round 1 – Leg kick from Edson Barboza followed by another. That’s going to limit Varner’s takedowns later. Head kick from Barboza is caught and he turns it into a takedown. Barboza is able to kick free and get back to his feet. Two punches from Varner to counter the multitude of kicks from Barboza. Good striking from both men. Varner pushes forward and puts Edson Barboza down with a big, big punch. Barboza tries to recover, but he’s down again. Is he going to be the first man to defeat the young Brazilian? Several unanswered hammerfists on the mat later and the answer is “yes.”

Winner: Jamie Varner by TKO (R1, punches, 3:23)

Jason Miller vs. C.B. Dollaway

Round 1 – Big Right hand by Mayhem takes Dollaway down to the mat. Miller tries for the guillotine, but CB pops free and now has Miller on the cage. He eats a nougie from Miller. Seriously. Mayhem drops on a strike and it looks like Miller appears to have blown out his knee based on that brace on his left leg. Down on the mat, Dollaway controls Miller and it seems that Miller cannot get up. Dollaway ends up in full mount with 30 seconds in the first round. 10-9 Dollaway

Round 2 - Miller is swinging for the fences early and rocks the staggering Dollaway once again. Dollaway recovers and takes Miller to the mat. Miller gets back to his feet and stuffs a takedown. Miller goes for the neck once again, but CB takes him down and begins with short elbows. Hammerfists from Dollaway. Mayhem is really stuck on the mat, it must be the lack of a second leg. 10-9 Dollaway

Round 3 - Miller begins swinging wildly. He is suckered into an overhand right and Dollaway dives under and gets a takedown. The two men roll around on the mat with Dollaway in control. Mayhem has had no answers on the mat. Mayhem gets back to his feet before Dollaway drags him to the mat and flattens him out. Tons of hammerfists and elbows to end the round for Dollaway. Boring fight. 10-8 Dollaway

Winner: CB Dollaway by unanimous decision (29-28, 30-26, 29-28)

Dan Hardy vs. Duane Ludwig

Round 1 - Early combination misses for Ludwig. Head kick from Ludwig misses. Hardy is caught and Hardy wraps him up and gets him against the cage. Knees to the body from both fighters. Two punches from Hardy as the exit. Hardy goes for a takedown and eats two knees in the process before he can get him back against the cage. Lots of clinch work from the two fighters before Both fighters connect as they exit. Big left hook from Dan Hardy drops “Bang” Ludwig. He celebrates before he realizes that Ludwig isn’t out and drops in and levels elbows before the referee stops the fight.

Winner: Dan Hardy by KO (R1, elbows, 3:51)×120.jpg×250.jpg

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Lavar Johnson Steps in to Face Stefan Struve after Mark Hunt Injury Fri, 18 May 2012 10:56:18 +0000 We’ll have to wait a bit longer to see if UFC will give Mark Hunt a title shot during this career renaissance of sorts as an injury has pulled him out of his UFC 146 bout with Stefan Struve. In steps Lavar Johnson, coming off a victory over Pat Barry at UFC on FOX 3, and back-to-back “Knockout of the Night” performances.

UFC 146 takes place on May 26th and will be headlined by a UFC Heavyweight title bout between champion Junior dos Santos and Frank Mir.×120.jpg×250.jpg

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UFC on FUEL: Diego Sanchez vs. Jake Ellenberger Live Results and Play by Play Wed, 15 Feb 2012 20:40:51 +0000

Hey Inside Fights readers and fans alike, tonight, from Nebraska’s own Omaha Civic Auditorium, UFC presents UFC on Fuel 1. The card is full of great bouts including a sweet main event between welterweights Diego Sanchez and Jake Ellenberger. Also on the card, heavyweights Stefan Struve and Dave “Pee Wee” Herman go to battle.

The main card will be broadcast on FUEL TV beginning at 8 PM EST with the preliminary fights starting at 6:30 PM EST on Facebook.

Tonight, we’re being treated to the dulcet tones of Kenny Florian and Jon Anik. Should be another great show full of solid debuts and great fighting as well.

Preliminary card (Live on Facebook)

Tim Means vs. Bernardo Magalhaes

Round 1 - Means is the taller of the two fighters and is using his jab early to keep Magalhaes at arm’s length. Big leg kick from Magalhaes. Magalhaes shoots for a takedown, which Means stuffs and eats a knee on the way up. Magalhaes comes in and Means catches him with two knees. Jab and knee combo from Means. Big right hand from Magalhaes lands and Means smiles. Magalhaes charges in and eats another knee and punch that stagger him to the mat. Means dives in for a D’arce choke, but Magalhaes wiggles free and gets to his feet. Thai clinch sees Means leveling knees to the body and head of Magalhaes. Leg kick from Means lands cleanly and the round ends with Means coming forward with a flying knee and jab. 10-9 Means

Round 2 – Leg kick lands for Tim Means. Left hook misses for Magalhaes who is trying for the knockout blow over Means’ tactic of utilizing his length and reach to keep Magalhaes moving. Left hand connects for Magalhaes, but Means throws two punches back at him. Good exchange from the fighters. Magalhaes lands a big left hook and charges in. Means presses him to the fence quickly and lands big elbows. Means continues to stalk Magalhaes around the cage. Means finds his way into clinch via his jabs, but his knees find air and he steps away. Big left from Magalhaes misses. Front kick from Means pushes Magalhaes to the fence. Good liver shot hurts Magalhaes who tries for the takedown. Means ends up on top and eats hammerfists to the body and maintains intelligently defending. The ref stands them up and the round ends. 10-9 Means

Round 3 – Magalhaes is having issues with his ankle, which is pretty swollen around the joint. Right hook from the Brazilian. Means begins working punches to the body. Magalhaes shoots for a takedown, but Means stuffs it and we’re back to our feet. Magalhaes tries to pull guard after another failed takedown, but Means steps back. Magalhaes catches a kick and Means lands hammerfists to force his way free. Big liver shot from Means and Magalhaes drops to the mat. He refuses to get in the guard of Magalhaes and the fight is restarted standing up. Magalhaes tries another takedown, but Means levels huge elbows to his head. Magalhaes drags him to the mat with him, but Means gets him onto his side and hammers away. Means, however, stands up and won’t engage Magalhaes on the mat. Magalhaes eats several more knees to end the round. 10-9 Means and 30-27 Tim Means on the Inside Fights scorecard.

Winner: Tim Means by unanimous decision (30-27, 30-26, 30-26)

Anton Kuivanen vs. Justin Salas

Round 1 - Another southpaw vs. orthodox fight to start the night. Salas comes in early with a takedown attempt that he bails on after he cannot drive through. Head kick from Kuivanen is checked. Salas comes forward, but Kuivanen keeps him at bay. Salas is pressing for a single leg takedown, but Kuivanen is defending well. Two punches land from Kuivanen. Leg kick from Salas. Jab finds a home on Kuivanen’s chin as he comes forward. Salas sets up his takedown with a jab and gets his takedown. Kuivanen is stacked, but Salas only lands leg kicks and can’t get into his guard, so Kuivanen sweeps back to his feet. Leg kick from Kuivanen. Body kick from Kuivanen is caught by Salas and he drives him across the ring for a big takedown as round 1 ends. 10-9 Salas

Round 2 - Right hand from Salas finds the chin on Kuivanen. Leg kick from Salas is countered with a jab. Salas gets Kuivanen into the cage, but he’s able to circle free. Head kick from Salas is blocked and Kuivanen comes forward. Big left from Salas. Short right hook lands for Salas as well. Salas grabs a single leg and walks Kuivanen to the fence, but after a foot sweep, Kuivanen is back up right away. Big body kick from Kuivanen. Salas slips on a big knee, but it comes to nothing. Body kick again finds a home above Salas’ liver. Salas charges in with a right hook that glances off his opponent. Salas sees another of his takedowns blocked, but Salas throws a good right as he backs out. 10-9 Salas

Round 3 - Body kick from Salas connects. Two right hands from Salas connects. Salas grabs a solid double leg takedown and drives Kuivanen across the cage and drops his opponent. Strikes from the top by Salas. Kuivanen rolls for a heel hook, however, Salas spins free and re-takes the top. Good shoots to the body from Salas who is standing. Big left from Salas is dropped on the chin of Kuivanen. Kuivanen is able to get back to his feet after a front headlock takedown allows him to get free. Accidental groin kick, but the two men touch gloves and we continue. Dirty boxing against the fence as Salas sees another takedown stuffed. Head kick from Kuivanen misses. Just over one minute to go and Salas misses a jumping front kick. Big right hand connects from Kuivanen, but Salas power doubles Kuivanen and will kill any momentum for him. Kuivanen is able to get out of side mount and Salas is back standing over his opponent. The fight comes to a close with both fighters on their feet circling for a finish. 10-9 Salas and 30-27 for Justin Salas

Winner: Justin Salas by unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 29-27)

Buddy Roberts vs. Sean Loeffler

We’ve just received word that the fight between Buddy Roberts and Sean Loeffler is off. Loeffler is hurt backstage and will not be able to make it. That’s heartbreaking for both guys, but you have to think that Joe Silva will find a way to get both guys into the mix again in the future.

Jonathan Brookins vs. Vagner Rocha

Round 1 – Each fighter comes in with an early punch. Kick is caught by Brookins. Rocha is finding homes for his strikes early, including a good body kick. Big right from Brookins leads to a takedown attempt from Rocha. Brookins reverses, Rocha is on his back and he tries for a heel hook. Brookins lands two big rights on the chin of Rocha and he is out.

Winner: Jonathan Brookins by knockout (R1, punches, 1:32)

Main card (Live on FUEL TV)

Albert opens the aggressor, landing an early leg kick and some light punches. A couple of exchanges and Albert is getting the better of Menjivar early; spinning back fist by Menjivar misses and Albert goes for the takedown. Menjivar catches him and gets him to the ground; Albert turns an Omipalata into an armbar and back again but Menjivar counter beautifully. Albert eats some elbows in guard and Albert goes into a triangle choke into an armbar, can’t finish. Menjivar with a footlock and Albert grabs a heel hook, both lose and scramble leads to Menjivar landing a kick to the mid section and missing a head kick Albert catches him with a head kick and unloads with some strikes, Menjivar looks to be finished but survives the storm. Albert goes for a guillotine and can’t finish. Menjivar escapes and manages to get back, unloads with some furious ground and pound and locks a deep rear naked choke in. Albert taps at 3:45 of the first round.

Official decision: Ivan Menjivar wins via submission (rear naked choke) at 3:45 of the first round.

T.J. Dillashaw vs. Walel Watson

Round 1: Dillashaw opens with a superman punch and goes for a double leg takedown. Switches to a high single and can’t finish the trip. Switches back to a double but Watson is defending really well. Dillashaw with a slam and Watson immediately up, Dillashaw slams him to the ground again. Watson goes to an open guard as Dillashaw is looking to posture, Stands up and throws down some strikes, and Watson goes for the scramble. Dillashaw gets the back and locks in a rear naked choke but doesn’t have it in tight. Watson is defending well but Dillashaw is using his hooks really well to control. Watson rolls into half guard and looks to move into side control; Watson stands up and Dillashaw grabs the back. Locks in a rear naked choke and Watson is defending it well despite it being deep. Watson rolls onto his back and Dillashaw into mount; Dillashaw uses some strikes to set up the rear naked choke again as watson rolls to his stomach. Dillashaw can’t get it in as Watson’s defense is strong. Dillashaw is using the mount to set up strikes and goes for a rear naked choke again but can’t finish it. Watson rolls to his back and then onto his stomach again. Dillashaw uses the hooks to get him down and the round finishes with him raining strikes on Watson.

Round Score: Dillashaw 10-9. You can make the case for a 10-8 based on how dominant he was.

Round 2: Dillashaw opens by catching Watson with another big strike and gets the takedown. Watson is getting stacked and kneed in the side by Dillashaw as he tries to initiate the scramble unsuccesfully. Dillashaw is in side control, Watson controlling the inner knee, and landing some strong strikes. Dillashaw peppers him with strike suntil Watson gives up his back, Watson rolls to his back and then back to his stomach. He’s rollign to just avoid being hit as Dillashaw is unloading with strikes on him. Dillashaw has some deep hooks in and Watson is eating some big strikes. Dillashaw locks in a rear naked choke as Watson gives up his back again, but sneaks out again to his back again. Dillashaw with some strikes again as Watson is just trying to survive at this point. Watson to his stomach again as Dillashaw has hooks in; going for that rear naked again. Watson is defending it really well but not doing much besides that, though. Last 30 seconds of the round is Dillashaw unloading some big strikes from the top.

Round score: Dillashaw 10-9, 20-18 for the fight

Round 3: Watson comes out with some big strikes but doesn’t connect. Dillashaw is usign his distance well to make Watson come to him with wild strikes. Dillashaw darts in with a good combination before Watson can react. Dillashaw gets the high crotch single leg and lands in side control. Watson is going for a Von Flue choke and can’t quite finish. Dillashaw into side control but Watson scrambels up, Dillashaw lets him go. Watson connects with a knee but doesn’t do much damage; Dillashaw’s speed is just too much for him at this point. He can’t gauge distance well and a combination connects as Watson connects with a flying triangle choke and almost has it in deep. Dillashaw is defending beautifully and circles out of it, lands into side control. Brilliant defense from the Team Alpha Male product. Watson rolls into a knee bar, turning it into a heel hook as Dillashaw is trying to power out. Calf slicer attempt and Dillashaw is out, landing into closed guard out of Watson. Watson gives up his back and Dillashaw gets the hooks in, has a rear naked choke and Watson is using hand control to keep him out of it. Defends well and onto his stomach as Dillashaw grind out the last 10 seconds of the round with strikes.

Round score: Watson 10-9, 29-28 Dillashaw

Official decision: 30-25, 30-25 and 30-26 Dillashaw

Stipe Miocic vs. Philip De Fries

Round 1: Fries lands a crisp over hand rightand a terrific combination, Miocic rocked but clears the cobwebs and responds. Absolute brawl between the two that Miocic gets the better of, Fries goes down and Miocic pounds him out until the referee stops it at :43 of the first round.

Official Decision: Miocic by TKO due to strikes at :43 of the first round

Aaron Simpson vs. Ronny Markes

Round 1: Both guys come out tentative; Simpson tries to engage but Markes lands some great combinations in response and gets Simpson against the age. Double leg fails, as does the single, but Markes get the clinch against the cage. They’re playing the cage position game and referee breaks it up. Back to the center of the cage. Simpson misses a wild overhand right and Markes connects with a couple inside leg kicks. Markes with a big straight rights that move Simpson back; Simpson is leery of his power btu catches Markes with a big right uppercut. Markes is hurt and Simpson unlaods with strikes; Markes is in bad shape and trying to survive as Simpson with a flurry. Markes goes for a triangle armbar but can’t connect as Simpson hits him with his free hand to break it up. Simpson gets the stand up and Markes looks a bit wobbly; Simpson’s confidence looks to have increased. Simpson and Markes exchange some wild and sloppy crosses, Simpson goes for the clinch and presses Markes against the cage. Round ends with Markes against the cage.

Round score: 10-9 Simpson

Round 2: Simpson with a big right hand to start, Markes counters with some leg strikes. Simpson goes for a big right and misses, goes into the clinch and gets Marks against the cage. Markes circles out and misses a combination, hits another inside leg kick. Simpson’s left leg is bruised up noticeable. Simpson for a double but Markes doesn’t let him get, Simpson does get the clinch against the cage though. Simpson gets the clinch again and almost throws Markes, good takedown defense and Markes gets advantage with Simpson against the cage. They trade position against the cage with some pummeling and footwork until Markes gets the trip takedown. Simpson’s in half guard as Markes looks to get into side control. Markes with some elbows to the mid section but Simpson tries to initiate the scramble out of a half guard sweep but can’t finish it. Gets ot his feet against the cage as Markes goes from a single leg to a headlock to the clinch. Round ends with the two against the cage.

Round score: 10-9 Markes, 19-19

Round 3: Leg kick from Markes and they get into the clinch. Markes backs out and connects with a leg kick inside again. Wild exchange and neither connects. Markes with a straight right, back to the clinch and Simpson reverses him against the cage. Markes with a reversal and Simpson is defending well. Referee breaks it up and back to the center of the cage. Simpson with a nice combination to the body, Markes with an inside leg kick. Another big right from Markes connects, Simpson misses on a wild combination. Simpson with a push kick to keep him away, Markes gets the clincha against the cage anyway. Marks can’t get the inside trip after some foot stomps. Referee breaks it up again. Simpson comes out wild and Markes counters well. Simpson with a big power double but can’t finish, whizzered away by Markes. Simpson with a right hook but slipped into a knee by Markes, who gets the back. Simpson stands up and looking to get away but can’t. Markes switches for a double leg takedown and gets him against the cage. Simpson uses an underhook to get up against the cage. Round ends with the two in the clinch.

Round score: 10-9 Markes, 29-28 Markes

Official Decision: 29-28 Markes, 29-28 Simpson and 29-28 Markes .. Ronnie Markes wins by Split Decision

Stefan Struve vs. Dave Herman

Round 1: Herman walks Struve back into the cage, both men exchanging solid but not power shots. Herman connects with a couple leg kicks.Struve with a big head kick but doesn’t quite connect. Herman backs him into the cage again and a quick combination is caught up in the clinch by Struvem who circles away from the cage. Herman with another leg kick, to the outside. Struve responds with an inside leg kick of his own. Good combination from Herman as he connects inside with punches, a couple high leg kicks find their way to Struve’s hands. Wild exchange that Struve gets the better of. Big right from Struve that misses, jumping switch kick from Herman misses as well (but looks pretty). Herman with a big right to counter some jabs from Struve. Leg kick to the body from Herman; Struve is letting Herman get inside his range without paying for it.

Round score: 10-9 Herman

Round 2: Nice straight/leg kick combination from Herman but Struve gets an awkward takedown into mount. Goes for back and Herman sneaks his way out, back to the center. Struve wins the exchange with a combination, Herman follows with a nice straight right. Struve with a pair of kicks, first one connects to the leg and second one misses to the head. Another big body kick from Struve. Herman with a nice combination and finishes with a nice uppercut. Struve with a big right, which hurts Herman a bit, and Struve follows it up with some nice straight punshes. Herman circles out but Struve is pouncing, taking ht to him. Big uppercut and Herman goes down, Struve takes him down into mount and Herman looks out of it. Struve raining punches on Herman as Struve is unloading. Ref stops it at 3:53 of the second round by TKO due to strikes.

Official Decision: Stefan Struve via TKO at 3:53 of the second round due to strikes.

Diego Sanchez vs. Jake Ellenberger

My lord, both these guys are insanely jacked up right now.

Round 1: Both come out swinging wild but missing. Powerful combination from Ellenberger off a missed Sanchez kick grazes. Sanchez with a nice combination, nice counter from Ellenberger. Both guys are waiting for big surge style strikes; they’re looking to connect with two to three punches and then go low for the takedown but neither are connected enough to complete it. Sanchez is getting countered with a straight from Ellenberger each time, though, and Ellenberger connects with a nice knee. Sanchez tries to swarm but Ellenberger circles away from the cage without taking much damage. Diego with a number of glancing rights, wild exchange from both fighters with nothing major connecting. Sanchez with a nice right head kick but is checked by Ellenberger. Ellenberger with a great counter that knocks Sanchez down, Sanchez scrambles out before he can finish. Ellenberger goes for the takedown, can’t complete it. Fight ends with a wild exchange that Sanchez gets the better of.

Round score: 10-9 Sanchez

Round 2: Both guys coming out more tentatively this round. Sanchez with some spin kicks that aren’t connecting. Ellenberger is doing a great job of making him move, hits a head kick off Sanchez’s arm. Sanchez presses with a nice combination; he’s pressing more as Jake is slowing down. Ellenberger with a nice counter hook to a leg kick from Sanchez. Ellenberger with a nice uppercut to follow. Sanchez is winning the position game but he’s eating some big punches from Ellenberger when he tries to pounce; Ellenberger has timed him well with the counters. Diego with a bull rush, right hand misses. Big overhand right misses from Sanchez and Ellenberger with apower double into Sanchez’s guard. Sanchez goes for a triangle armbar but can’t connect, same with a regular armbar. Ellenberger with some beautiful elbows to Sanchez. Ellenberger appears to have broken Sanchez’s nose as Sanchez looks beaten up in his corner.

Round score: 10-9 Ellenberger, 19-19

Round 3: Ellenberger comes out swinging wild, can’t connect. Sanchez obliges doing the same. Sanchez lands some strikes to the body. Both exchange jabs. Bull rush from Sanchez misses as Ellenberger connects with a big right. Sanchez tripped up by a nice foot sweep from Ellenberger, content to stay on their feet. Sanchez charges and gets countered wonderfully for his efforts. Ellenberger is connecting with strong counters every time Sanchez charges. Sanchez charges but Ellenberger goes for a double, Sanchez defends and back to their feet. Knee to the body from Ellenberger and a drag single leg doesn’t get finished. Nice right hook from Sanchez and Sanchez turns it on as Ellenberger is starting to fade. Power double from Ellenberger but Sanchez wall walks back up. Ellenberger gives up his back in a scramble and Sanchez is unloading; Ellenberger is just covering up and Sanchez is relentless on the attack. Ellenberger is defending the choke well but is getting beaten on something fierce right now. Sanchez is in the middle of an adrenaline surge right now as he throws everythign he has at Ellenberger. Ellenberger forces the scramble and the round ends with the two throwing wildly.

Round score: 10-9 Sanchez, 29-28 Sanchez

Official Decision: 29-28 Ellenberger by UD×120.jpg

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Can Pee Wee Knock Down The Skyscraper? Stefan Struve vs. Dave Herman an Intriguing Heavyweight Affair at UFC on Fuel TV 1 Wed, 15 Feb 2012 20:00:21 +0000 When it comes to the heavyweight division, Stefan Struve and Dave Herman are poster fighters so far in their careers. If you wanted to advertise two elite level athletes who look like champions, Herman and Struve look the part. At this point in their careers, however, both haven’t distinguished themselves as more than top rate prospects yet to take the next step up.

Struve manages to pull off victories against fighters he’s supposed to beat but has lost against Roy Nelson and Travis Browne when he started to get some momentum after debuting against current UFC champion Junior Dos Santos. His last outing was a spectacular submission victory over Pat Barry that saw him lock in a triangle choke and nearly get slammed out of it by the Death Clutch fighter, who couldn’t break free and would eventually tap out to the towering Struve.

Herman has a stoppage victory over Jon Olav Einemo in his only UFC outing, having been signed after a journeyman’s career in which he compiled a 20-2 record outside the organization with notable wins over a number of aging veterans including Don Frye and Ron Waterman.

In any other fight Herman would have a height advantage over his opponent at 6’5 but Struve towers over the division at nearly seven feet tall with a reach to match. Oddly enough Struve has the second longest reach in the UFC, with light heavyweight champion Jon Jones quirkily having a longer reach than the gigantic Dutchman, but the key to this fight will be how he uses it to his advantage.

Lately that’s been a problem as Struve is one of the worst in the sport at using it to his advantage. In his last two knockout losses, to Browne and Nelson, he allowed the smaller fighter to finish the fight by not using his reach to keep them at bay. It’s frightening how little Struve has used his reach advantage to keep opponents from getting inside and landing power shots on him; Herman’s key to winning will be by exploiting this and landing an uppercut or a straight right flush.

That’ll be the key to the fight as Struve in the past has historically been quite bad at using his physical reach as a major advantage. For someone with the best reach in the division it’s shocking. One would imagine if he hasn’t worked on using his range to keep Herman at distance with both jabs and quick kicks that his chances at victory decrease if this becomes a contest mainly on the feet.

That’s where Herman prefers to keep fights and he has good enough wrestling to keep it there if he wants. A wrestler at Indiana University, Herman is good enough to take Struve down but odds are he doesn’t want any part of Struve’s surprisingly good ground game from the bottom. Struve excels on the bottom and has long enough limbs to pull off a triangle choke at his height, including the one on Barry, and uses his body really well from the bottom. When it comes to grappling Struve uses his physical tools better than anyone in the division in an ironic twist from his stand up.

Herman showed in his last fight with Einemo that he’s smart enough to not go to the ground with someone very skilled there. Odds are he’ll make the same decision with Struve; Herman has good defensive submission skills from the top but against more skilled ground fighters he generally tends to keep it standing. For him to win he’s going to have to get inside and land a big shot or two.

Struve has underrated power but he doesn’t have the chin to get into extended slugfests; look for him to keep Herman at distance (or at least try to) with leg kicks. If Struve can maintain distance and keep Herman from getting inside and landing big strikes he can take the fight. All it takes for Herman to pull out the victory is to exploit that one weakness Struve has yet to show he’s cleared up and land a big strike to knock down the Skyscraper.

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Vicious Knockout: Travis Browne vs. Stefan Struve at UFC 130 Fri, 16 Dec 2011 19:43:30 +0000

As the team at Inside Fights begins to deliberate the top knockouts of 2011, I feel it’s my duty to share one of my nominees for this year’s awards: Travis Browne’s Superman punch KO of Stefan Struve at UFC 130 in May. As Struve went for a legkick, Browne landed a picture perfect punch that put the Swede down on his back and out for the count. With the knockout, Browne earned knockout of the night, which was a great result on a card chock full of decisions.×120.jpg

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UFC on FUEL TV 1 Adds Dave Herman vs. Stefan Struve Thu, 01 Dec 2011 21:15:42 +0000 The first UFC on FUEL TV 1 will take place in Omaha, Nebraska on February 15th at the CenturyLink Arena and UFC just announced a new heavyweight bout between Dave Herman and Stefan Struve.

It hasn’t been announced whether this fight will make the broadcast portion of the main card.×120.jpg×250.jpg

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