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On this episode of Color Me Bloody MMA Podcast, Mike and Alex discuss UFC 168 and the gruesome and unfortunate turn of events that took place during Anderson Silva vs Chris Weidman 2. Also, there’s an interview with undefeated rising MMA fighter, Billy Daniels, and we discuss the possible return of Brock Lesnar.

Color Me Bloody MMA Podcast – Episode 18 (UFC 168 and Billy Daniels) (right-click to “save as”)

About Color Me Bloody:

Two friends. One comedian. One fight expert. One podcast! Color Me Bloody is a Mixed Martial Arts podcast consisting of Color Me Funny comedian, Mike Turpin and Ground Control Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu player, Alex Perry.

Mike and Alex went to school together, and they’ve been watching fights together for years. Now, it’s time for more people to hear what they argue over every time they get together! They break down and recap fights, make predictions, keep listeners up to date with news, interview UFC, Bellator and other organization fighters, and occasionally get sidetracked talking about their weekly escapades!

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Brock Lesnar Is Back In The UFC? Conflicting Reports About Former Champ’s Return Surface Fri, 27 Dec 2013 02:00:35 +0000 Brock Lesnar could be potentially returning to the UFC, apparently, as the former champion (and current WWE superstar) has met Zuffa brass about returning.

Mike Chiapetta of Fox Sports, among others, has reported that Lesnar has met with the UFC but no other details have been speculated on.

Last year at the UFC on Fox post fight scrum Dana White let it slip that Lesnar had met with UFC brass about a return but that, at that time, his body couldn’t handle the rigors of MMA training. Two years after his last fight, a dismantling by Alistair Overeem, could he be returning?

So far no one is on the record about anything. We’ll have more as it breaks.×120.jpg

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UFC 164 Fight Flashback – Frank Mir Introduce WWE Champion Brock Lesnar To The Kneebar At UFC 81 Thu, 29 Aug 2013 06:00:44 +0000 Brock Lesnar was a curiosity when he made his debut in the UFC. After a fairly successful run as a pro wrestler, and a failed stint at being a pro football player, the Division 1 turned his sights into becoming a fighter.

After a successful debut in K-1, Lesnar would take his 1-0 record into the UFC and debuted against former world champion Mir. You can watch it below.×120.jpg×250.jpg

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Downfall of a Wrecking Ball – Alistair Overeem Compares To Mike Tyson In Career Free Fall Mon, 19 Aug 2013 23:00:18 +0000 When Alistair Overeem was signed by the UFC, the hype and anticipation from fans and media alike would have made even Connor McGregor blush. Few felt that the hulking Dutchman was unworthy of the veneration after demolishing all-comers during an eleven fight win streak which saw ‘The Reem’ collect multiple world titles in the dual disciplines of kickboxing (K1 World Grand Prix Champion) and MMA (Strikeforce and Dream Heavyweight Champion).

Those accolades were supported if not surpassed by the sheer ferocity of his victories, a hulking behemoth of a man who had annihilated all who stood in his way and captured the imagination of fight fans. Much like Mike Tyson did all those years ago when he tore through the boxing world and transcended the sporting arena, Overeem was now poised to make a comparable impact, with MMA as the chosen canvas on which to spread his opponents.

The stage was set for him to fulfill what many thought inevitable; claiming the UFC heavyweight title and it could not have begun any better as he destroyed the sports most recognizable star of the time Brock Lesnar, immediately becoming the premium heavyweight contender and exploding instantly into the consciousness of the casual UFC fan.

Who would have predicted that this might be the peak of Overeem’s UFC exploits? Controversial is a word that is often over-used yet best describes the astonishing rise and fall of the Pride veteran and that fire would rear its flames of suspicion once more after testing positive for unusually high levels of testosterone-to-epitestosterone that would make a prime King Kong look guilty. The naysayers had a field day with the news and his career along with his shot at UFC gold was put on hold.

Overeem would return to the UFC after a nine month suspension with his dream to be champion stuttering yet apparently only delayed and faced former training partner Antonio ‘Big Foot’ Silva, in what many viewed as a simple tune-up fight before his inevitable championship tilt. Unfortunately for Overeem, Bigfoot had other plans, the Brazilian’s motivation only enhanced by his opponents apparent lack of respect.

Overeem had been knocked out before, but after being seemingly invincible for so long, his defeat to ‘Bigfoot’ became all the more shocking not only for its brutality but also for the glaring weaknesses it would expose within the Dutchman’s considerable frame. Overeem relies on overwhelming his opponents in the opening stanza with a freakish power and incapacitating pressure that almost every human being on the planet would succumb to, yet as James ‘Buster’ Douglas showed all those moons ago against Tyson, if you can weather that early storm there will be next to nothing left in the aftermath and scant resistance thereafter.

Overeem would make a low-key entrance this past weekend against Travis Browne, with little fanfare and furore preceding him, overshadowed by emerging stars and the UFC’s expansion into pastures new. After beginning strongly he would once again fall prey to stamina issues and a questionable chin, his twelfth defeat by knockout.

After a dream start, his ambition to become UFC heavyweight champion, once within touching distance, lies in tatters and his future within the organization now looks extremely tenuous. No matter when and where Overeem fights next he will continue to draw attention as Tyson once did. They share that heady mix of raw power and unnerving machismo that has fascinated since the days of the Gladiator, irrespective of faded powers and blurred visions of what might have been, they remain icons of combat.×120.jpg

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Watch WWE Superstar Brock Lesnar Take A Beating From Cain Velasquez All Over Again [Video] Sat, 22 Dec 2012 11:00:43 +0000 With Cain Velasquez challenging the man who beat him for the title a year ago for the UFC Heavyweight Championship, Fox Sports has put out video of Cain’s epic beatdown of Brock Lesnar for Lesnar’s championship title at UFC 121.×120.jpg

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BREAKING NEWS – Brock Lesnar Fighting In The UFC In 2012? Rumor Mill Is Churning That Way Wed, 06 Jun 2012 16:00:59 +0000 Consider this just a rumor, and nothing but, at this point but apparently the initial reports of Brock Lesnar’s return to the UFC might not have been as exagerrated as they initially appeared to be. Tough Talk MMA is reporting that Lesnar’s return this year may be happening after all.

At this point it has to be treated as just that. a rumor, as neither Lesnar nor the UFC has gone on record as saying one way or the other. We’ll have more as the story develops.×120.jpg

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Brock Lesnar Back to the UFC? Having Meeting With Dana White After UFC 146, Was In Crowd Sun, 27 May 2012 06:00:11 +0000 It was surreal to see Brock Lesnar walk back into the realm of professional wrestling after Wrestlemania, it was even more unexpected to see him in the crowd at UFC 146. And it got even crazier as Dana White, at the post fight presser, remarked that Lesnar might be coming back.

More accurately he stated that Lesnar wanted to go the show a week and a half ago and keep it a secret, which he did, and the two are going to be meeting later tonight to discuss Brock’s potential future. Apparently Lesnar is considering a comeback now and perhaps is evaluating his options especially considering he’s under contract with the WWE.

According to internet reporter “Front Row” Brian Willis, the following has since come out:

New info surfacing… Brock Lesnar’s deal with WWE is NOT exclusive and he was in Las Vegas at UFC for a specific reason. Wow.×120.jpg

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Brock Lesnar Returns To PPV For WWE – Video Of WWE Extreme Rules Match With John Cena Mon, 30 Apr 2012 17:00:09 +0000 Brock Lesnar made his return to pay per view, clad in MMA gear, as the former UFC heavyweight champion took on John Cena. You can watch it below if you missed it last night.×120.jpg

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MMA 24/7 #69 @ 5 PM: UFC’s Pascal Krauss, Brock Lesnar, Alistair Overeem and UFC Sweden News Wed, 11 Apr 2012 19:43:08 +0000

On this week’s show, the team behind Inside Fights breaks out the big guns, bringing in one of the hottest up-and-comers in MMA, the UFC’s Pascal Krauss. What will the undefeated German have to offer about his upcoming fight at UFC on FOX 3 against John Hathaway?

Also, we’ll dive deep into UFC news involving Alistair Overeem, Brock Lesnar back into WWE and this weekend’s UFC Sweden show.

That and more on this Wednesday’s edition of MMA 24/7. Give us a call with questions or comments: (877) 452-4209 or you can also send comments via email to

MMA 24/7 #69: UFC’s Pascal Krauss and UFC Sweden News

Listen to internet radio with InsidePulse on Blog Talk Radio×120.jpg

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What Next For The Heavyweight Division After Alistair Overeem Drugs Test Failure Wed, 04 Apr 2012 22:55:40 +0000 Alistair Overeem Fails Drugs Test

Former K-1 Grand Prix and Strikeforce Heavyweight Champion and current number one contender to the heavyweight title Alistair Overeem has failed a random drugs test it was announced today. Overeem along with all other main card fighters were tested at a press conference in Nevada to promote the UFC 146 pay per view and ‘The Demolition Man’s’ sample came back showing an elevated level of testosterone, a result that indicates the illegal use of testosterone as a performance enhancing substance.

Alistair Overeem has been dogged by allegation of PED ever since he moved up to heavyweight and began adding significant muscle mass at an unusually late stage of his adult life. This positive test result comes off the back of controversy surrounding his last fight with Brock Lesnar. Overeem was licensed to fight at UFC 141 after failing to provide a timely sample for a pre-fight drugs test only on the condition that he took two random tests following his fight with the former UFC champion.

While there is a remote possibility that the test result is shown to be a false positive, perhaps following the testing of the ‘B’ sample Overeem provided at the same time as the one that has shown elevated levels of testosterone, it is highly likely that his eagerly anticipated title fight against Junior Dos Santos will be cancelled.

Frank Mir Should Be Next For The Title Shot

Should that happen then the UFC will no doubt scramble for a replacement challenger for what will be Junior Dos Santos’s first ever defense of his new heavyweight title. Luckily the all-heavyweight main card gimmick gives them plenty of possible contenders. Early reports suggest that the UFC sees former champion Cain Velasquez as the man ready to step into Overeem’s spot, but this would surely be a mistake. Velasquez has not fought since dropping the title to Santos in November and while he may have battling numerous injuries he still lost to the Brazilian in just a minute. As good as he is, Velasquez needs to win at least one fight before he can once again be considered a credible challenger.

Instead the UFC should look to the man Velasquez was scheduled to face at UFC 146, former heavyweight champion Frank Mir. While Mir has not exactly been setting the heavyweight scene on fire he has won his last three fights and a resume of Mirko Cro Cop, Roy Nelson and Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira is nothing to be sneezed at. And with the brutal nature of his victory over Nogueira still fresh in everyone’s mind there’s a natural grudge between Mir and the champion, with Nogueira being Dos Santos’ trainer and mentor.

Mir has also made clear his readiness to step up, if needed. “I would be excited if given the opportunity to compete for the UFC’s heavyweight title at UFC 146 if the reports released earlier today regarding Alistair Overeem failing his ‘A’ sample drug test are true”. He added, “I have been fortunate to be able to fight in the UFC for more than a decade, and it is a dream of mine to become the first three-time heavyweight champion in the UFC. Being able to fight Junior Dos Santos would put me one step closer to that dream”.

A Division Still Divided

So prevalent are the sanctioning bodies in boxing that many of the sport’s most dedicated fans long ago ignore the claims of bodies such as the World Boxing Council or World Boxing Association to instead argue that he who beats the champion is the champion.

MMA fans may not realize this when they sit down to watch the latest UFC blockbuster event but unique amongst the organization’s seven divisions, the heavyweight champion does not have an undisputed claim to be the one, true heavyweight champion. Since Randy Couture left the organization in 1997 without losing his heavyweight title the lineage of the oldest championship in the sport’s history has been broken, with Couture twice losing in Japanese rings before returning to his old stomping ground inside the Octagon. As reported by the Wrestling Observer’s Dave Meltzer, starting with Enson Inoue the lineal title would stay in Japan until eventually it was unified with the Pride Fighting Championships heavyweight title. It would remain Fedor Emelianenko’s bragging right until he lost to Fabricio Werdum.

With his victory over the Brazilian grappler last summer Overeem added the hypothetical lineal championship to the very real gold that already adorned his waist. His fight at UFC 146 against Junior Dos Santos would have brought to an end a rupture in the lineage of the sport’s most prestigious title that has endured for almost as long as the sport itself has existed. With that fight now in doubt, the doubt about whom is the true champion many continue for some time to come.

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