Ten Thoughts on UFC 171

Ten Thoughts on UFC 171: 1. Hendricks vs. Lawler is the Fight of 2014. Up to this point, it's not even close. These guys put on an absolute show, just a brutal back and forth slugfest that pushed both guys to their limits and beyond. Add it to the »»

What We Learned - Bellator 111

WWL - Bellator 111 edition »»

UFC 171 Predictions

UFC 171 Predictions »»

A Viewers Guide To Bellator 110 - What To Watch, What To Skip And What's Important

With a UFC card that 99% of fans should skip coming up Saturday morning, mainly because it's got three fights between guys worth a damn and ... a whole lot of crap. Thank god we've god Friday night and one of the most epic nights in MMA of the year »»

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