Controversy Over Hopkins-Pascal Decision, Rematch Likely (Updated)
by Will Cooling on December 19, 2010

Sports Illustrated’s Chris Mannix is reporting that controvesry has engulfed the scoring of the Bernard Hopkins vs. Jean Pascal fight, with the Canadian judge’s scorecard having an altered eighth round score and the Belgain judge’s scorecard having an altered first round scorecard. Both scorecards show evidence of whiteout being used to change the score originally written down. On his twitter Mannix wrote “From what it looks–repeat, looks–like the changes cost Hopkins. But we don’t know the source of the whiteout yet. Officials investigating”. Mannix had earlier claimed that it looked like the original scorecards would have made Hopkins the split decision victory.

This comes after the initial controversy over the scoring, with many having the fight for Bernard Hopkins 114-112. Mannix reports that at the post fight press conference Golden Boy CEO Richard Schaefer said that they would look into overturning the result legally but did not believe that there had been any corruption in terms of totalling up the scores. Schaefer also said that the WBC plans to order an immediate rematch between Hopkins and Pascal.

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Will Cooling

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  • Stan

    I think Antonio Tarver said he had Jean Pascal ahead on his personal scorecard. I agree with Tony.

  • william

    it is clearly hopkins won the fight, this is why boxing fans are gradually disappearing.if judges have to use whiteout and it shows clearly that was used they should automatically give the fight to hopkins, forget a rematch hopkins won the fight and why does the judges have whiteout in the first place? i have been a boxing fan for many years and i am very upset hopkins has been robbed again.hopkins won from my stand point 10 of the 12 rds and also the first knock down was behind the head which should had been ruled an illegal blow but it wasin canada at pascals home town , i strongly believe there will be a rematch asap i just hope its in bernards home town so he can send pascal backpacking with no title back home. hopkins is a great fighter faught alot of great fights and let me tell you were never gon see another fighter like him ever. and for pascal he nines well run cause hes not holding on to that title much longer. good job bernard we love you. thxs

  • Jayhova

    @Stan of course tarver would have pascal ahead…he got his ass handed to him by hopkins…and even had the nerve to continue with excuses about him gaining weight during the rocky movie…..Hopkins schooled this kid and embarassed him in his home country….the man is 46 when is he going to get his just due….how do u rob a 46 year old….scumbags….BHOP u are CHAMPION!

  • James

    As usual , these hypocrite canadians will say they are fair . Canadians are the biggest bullshitters in the world.

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  • Nathan

    In my opinion Bernard won 7 rounds and Pascal won 5. One of the 2 knoockdowns (behind the head) should have been called foul but the other one was legit. All in all a very close fight with the edge to Hopkins. Let’s have a rematch to settle this.

  • Scruffz

    “As usual , these hypocrite canadians will say they are fair . Canadians are the biggest bullshitters in the world.”

    Iraq and Afghanistan would like to have a word with any American that agrees with this.

  • Dan

    I scored the fight 113-113 a draw, 7 rounds to 5 for Hopkins, but two 10-8’s in the first and third round for the knockdowns.Hopkins threw more punches, but Pascals’ punches were more significant looking. I was disapointed in Pascals’ effort, he was not aggressive enough and did not fight close enough and did not trhow enough punches. It was certainly close enough for it to go either way, so no big controversy! Let’s have a reamtch, but make it in AC this time.

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