How to Beat a Mayweather
by Paul Magno on April 28, 2010

As Shane Mosley and Naazim Richardson prepare for the daunting task of trying to beat one of boxing’s modern day masters, I’ve set out to aid the duo and help establish the blueprint for beating Floyd Mayweather Jr.

No fighter is undefeatable and, while not an easy job at all, Mayweather is surely not invincible.

Sure, all of this is easier said than done, but the point is that it can be done…It’s just going to take a hell of a fighter to put it all together:

It’s not you, it’s me

There is one major mistake trainers make when preparing for Floyd Mayweather: They put too much focus on Mayweather. They study tapes, dream up strategies and make plans to counter and befuddle Mayweather’s unique style. I’m not saying that this is a bad thing. Mayweather opponents should familiarize themselves with Mayweather’s style and trainers should come up with a proper strategy to nullify it.

But the answer to the Mayweather riddle doesn’t lie within Floyd’s steel trap defense or sharp focus. Frankly, there are no weaknesses to exploit, no glaring lapses in technique.

Instead of focusing on Floyd, a trainer would be better suited focusing on his own guy, making him sharp and as error-free as humanly possible. Taking a fighter and making him a flawless paragon of his own style is key.

Play the angles

Mayweather employs the famous “shoulder roll” style that turns traditional boxing geometry into a null and void jumble of missed shots and uncomfortable angles.

Fighters learn their craft in 1-2 steps. Mayweather works on 1.5, 1.7, 2.3. Off to the side and always at odd angles, Mayweather is a mystery to most….and as the fight progresses and desperation sets in, that mystery deepens.

What anyone fighting Floyd has to understand is the basic logic taught to us in Geometry: The shortest distance between two points is a straight line.

The fighters who have success with Mayweather are those who can throw sharp, tight, straight punches. A sharp jab has been pointed to as a key to solving the riddle, but sharp, compact straight rights and lefts can also lead to success.

Swinging for the fences will lead to zero success against Floyd; Tight, straight compact shots, at the very least, will cut the distance and put some leather on Mayweather.

Waste not, want not

Mayweather feasts on wasted movement. When his odd angles throw opponents off balance or his defensive stance forces foes to over-commit, his job becomes frighteningly easy; It’s really just a matter of stepping off and unloading on off-balance, defenseless targets.

Make no mistake about it, if you overpursue, you will get pot-shot to death from a supremely quick-fisted and always in command Mayweather.

Fighters who have found success against Floyd have been mature, fundamentally sound boxers who don’t burn through logic and reason by trying to take the fight to Mayweather. Instead, they focus on what they do best, stay within their own skill set and don’t make a counter puncher’s job easier by deviating off the script.

These are the types of fighters who make Mayweather’s life miserable. These are the guys who Mayweather, in order to ensure the victory, has to go after and beat rather than just wait for exploitable errors to take advantage of.

The “Money” Mayweather of 2010 has become spoiled and has relied too much on being so much more fundamentally sound and technically superior to his opposition; He hasn’t been made to force the issue against a fighter who simply refuses to give Floyd anything to exploit and counter.

Jose Luis Castillo, Oscar De la Hoya and Zab Judah are examples of fighters who “wasted not” and, as a result, gave Mayweather some of his closest battles.

“Think Buddha”

“There is nothing more dreadful than the habit of doubt… It is a thorn that irritates and hurts; it is a sword that kills.” — The Buddha

To beat Mayweather, one has to focus on the here and now. You have to take each exchange as it comes and focus on doing the right thing on a case by case basis.

Be fundamentally sound, don’t waste punches or movement, keep punches short and straight, make Mayweather take the initiative and make him pay for every exchange you get into. Those are the nuts and bolts to beating Floyd Mayweather.

The psychological key to the entire task, though, may be just as vital. Anyone fighting Mayweather will be frustrated and demoralized at times. The secret is being strong enough to push those moments aside and focus on the big picture.

Beating Mayweather is no easy task and it becomes increasingly more difficult when doubt begins to creep in and affect the sharpness of a fighter’s performance. Mayweather’s vanquisher will focus on winning rounds and will have the maturity to put the setbacks aside, little by little taking the fight away from Floyd and forcing him to deviate from the script.

“A jug fills drop by drop.” — The Buddha

This Saturday, May 1st, we’ll see if Shane Mosley has the mental and physical goods to handle this huge task.

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Paul Magno

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  • Boxing Fan

    Wow Mr.Magno! You sound so brilliant! Them things you’ve been saying sounds soooooo
    easy to do! But in reality….NOT!

    If you can give a “HOW TO BEAT” tips to any boxer… YOU COULD MAKE MILLIONS! You might as well change profession, from writer to coaching!

    You see…Almost anybody can make this perfect plan you know…
    but the hard part is
    “Executing that plan”.
    If you haven’t tasted how it feels inside a ring with an opponent that will try to knock the living daylight of you…
    I think that you dont know what you’re talking about.

    It’s like a priest who gives sermons to married couples when they’re not even on that kind of situation.

    I’ll take this article as your outlook.
    but not sounding like this is the
    “MAGIC ANTIDOTE” to beat Floyd Jr.

    Just my humble opinion.

  • Paul Magno

    @Boxing Fan

    If you paid attention, you would notice that in the 3rd paragraph I say “This is easier said than done.”

    There’s no doubt that it will take a focused, elite fighter on the best night of his life to get the win over someone like Mayweather.

    I’m not even sure why you made that silly comment…are we NOT to write opinions and theory regarding the sport? How badly would Inside Fights readership fall off if we were to post stories like: “It takes a great fighter to beat a great fighter” or “Boxing is Difficult”

    I suggest you wait a few seconds and think things through before commenting here again.

    As far as my resume and street cred as a boxing analyst: My uncle was a pro fighter and I’ve been in and around the ring since I was 3 years old…I’m a licensed official in Mexico, former co-trainer at Ruben Olivers’ gym and have worked with guys like Lupe Pintor and dozens of past and present Mexican fighters…I also promote fights and continue to actively train…And as far as knowing what it feels like to be “inside a ring with an opponent that will try to knock the living daylight of you…”, well, I have the broken noses, broken jaw, cuts, scrapes and arthritic hands to back me up…Truth be told, I’ve probably been lacing up my gloves before you were even born…

  • Boxing Fan

    Well said Mr Magno.
    I salute you.
    Accept my apologies for misunderstanding your article.
    More power to you :)

  • kidgan27

    paquiao, is all you need to beat mayweather but floydie is so scared of paquiao, take the test! LOL!

  • haha

    Boxing Fan got owned.. HAHA!!


    Good evening Mr. Magno, do you think manny pacquiao has all these components to beat floyd mayweather. what’s your thought if floyd faces manny pacuiao?

  • boxmeister

    A lot of people have their own opinions on how to beat Mayweather. What they miss is the mental part. If you can psyche him out and give him self-doubt, that would be the most effective weapon. Of course, being really sharp and focused are also keys to victory. If you have employed this, you have already beaten the unbeaten Floyd.
    Pacman is the answer because Floyd is deeply worried about him for years. When they both step inside the ring, the man who is scared stiff will lose. Right now, the unbeaten is scared to be beaten by the one who can really beat him not only physically but, also mentally.


    To beat a Mayweather? Simple you have to have fast legs, if you can run really fast you can catch a mayweather for sure. Witness come May 1. If you think Marquez vs Mayweather Jr. is the most boring fight of the decade, just imagine a rabbit running away from an old eagle.

  • Shane


  • .357

    ha ha ha . . . ur defintely naive magno. a straight line only works in geometry and dumb boxers . . . a very predictable offense is fatal though how fast you are. . .reason y floyd earned his 40-0 record. . . . floyd’s shoulder roll in y stance is a good defense but predictable. . . when he is in this stance the only offense he can give is a jab – to lure you in for an uppercut etc. and defensively, such stance can only beckpedal in a straight line and bend from the waist when attacked from an angle towards the back side. the front side of the y stance is very effective for counterpunching. so fake floyd and change angle and attack at an angle to the back and dont go for the head but the kidney(you won’t head the head initially coz he can bend from the waist to nullify your motive) and maintain that angle while chasing him as he backpedals in a straight line. and if he shifts position to arrest his retreat and face you then go for the head combination. guess who got fast legs to play tag with floyd? . . . floyd’s defense is flawless . . . hah! wonder why it was never been seen and tried in MMA – after all these years . . . the regular stance is risky but more dangerous coz it allows the fighter to go in defense and offense in split seconds and much more … look at ali.

  • RG

    I agree on all points except that you failed to mention that the key here is a SUSTAINED in & out offense. It means that Moseley’s physical conditioning must be at the highest level that he should be able to maintain the same offense from round one up to the end of the fight. DeLa Hoya could have won the fight if he did not stop jabbing in later rounds. Mosley has the chin to handle Floyds counters. Does Floyd has the chin if he gets hit with a solid punch?

  • greg page

    constant pressure is the key to defeating FMJ. Your advice is not sensible and only self defeating. If you plant to outbox floyd, forget it.

    Apply constant and unrelenting pressure, but jab accurately. Hatton had floyd’s wits on the early part of their fight, that floyd would almost want to pop his head and body out of the ring.



  • Tony Bonez

    Hello Mr. Magno i also have been in, out and around the ring for about 20 years now and i think the plan that you have wrote out is the way to go when fighting a guy like Mayweather you just have to get the fighter that can execute it, and i think that Mosley is one that can do that if he is able to keep his balance and not get excited with thoughs lepping right hands so kodos to you for the amazing strategy.

  • Joe

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  • Jeff

    @Joe – I have – but what channel will these PPV’s be on???

    I think Mosley has more than a punchers chance for this fight – I got a bit worried after watching the Cotto fight, but I have to keep in mind that he was going through drama with his father and his future ex-wife at the time. We don’t know how prepared he really was, but regardless of that he was still in the fight until the end.

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