Machida vs. Rua Possible For September
by Inside Fights Staff on May 28, 2009

Dana White met with Mauricio “Shogun” Rua at the Zuffa offices today and is in the process of putting together what Dana calls a “really big fight”.

Our gut feeling tells us that Lyoto Machida will be defending the light heavyweight belt against Rua in September. That would leave Machida without an opponent for the December show, since Rashad Evans and Rampage Jackson will likely be meeting on that card. Not having Machida on the biggest show of the year is fine, but Zuffa typically likes to have the light heavyweight belt involved on big shows since it is the promotion’s showcase division.

White promises that more information is coming down the pipeline. We’ll have an update for you as soon as possible.

UPDATE: We can now 100% confirm that Lyoto Machida vs. Mauricio “Shogun” Rua is the plan for the next light heavyweight title fight. We haven’t pinned down an exact date or card, but it will take place in September or October.

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Inside Fights Staff

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  • Todd Jackson

    I would tend to think this is a bit of a slap in the face to Page. Rua has won two fights in the UFC. One against a washed up veteran who hasnt fought in years and another legend well on his way out the door. Page was supposed to fight Rashad in the first place and now seems slated to coach again while Rua who has been less than impressive gets a title shot. What about Ace if he beats Wandy? How much will he have to prove to move in front of a guy like Rua. Sorry, Im just not that impressed with the Rua we see today as a title contender. Page should be getting this shot, he already earned it, and injury is what kept him out of it. Nothing else, now its politics. Anyway, intersting news regardless.

  • Todd Jackson

    Then again if this is Pages way of getting to Rashad that is understandable. I still wonder why Rua is considered the best option.

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  • Bryan Trafford

    Rua is a good choice here. This way we get to see “black on black crime” and still get an interesting title match.

    I agree that Rampage deserves his title shot now, but I can understand him wanting Evans first.

    I wouldn’t want to fight Machida next if I were him, either. Its a very bad matchup for him, and he could be exposed badly.

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  • iamphoenix

    “What about Ace if he beats Wandy?”

    Franklin has already lost to machida outside the UFC. and rampage opted for rashad instead of machida, so he wasn’t passed over in place of shogun. but i agree with you that shogun hasn’t done much in the UFC other than what you stated already…

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  • Emphaticus Mason

    Too bad Cung Le is wrapped up in motion picture production….

  • Jeremy Botter

    Todd, Rampage chose to fight Evans instead of Machida. They presented Rampage with two options for his opposing coach on The Ultimate Fighter 10: Machida and Evans. Rampage picked Evans instead of Machida, so it’s entirely his choice to go after Rashad instead of going after the belt.

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  • Derek Bolender

    I like the Rua/Machida matchup. A healthy and physically fit Rua like the one we saw against Liddell could present problems for Machida. I think he’s more dangerous than any other guy in the LHW division when comparing and contrasting his style vs machida.

  • Jeremy Botter

    I’m up for anyone who can give Machida a run for his money. After what I saw at UFC 98, I’m just not sure there’s anyone in the UFC who CAN beat Machida, but I’d be willing to bet that a focused Shogun probably has the best chance of anyone in the division.

  • Todd Jackson

    Jeremy, thanks for clarifying. I wasnt sure if this was forced or if it was optional for Page. That being said, it is a great angle that he and Rashad will finally get to have their war. The opportunity to sell that matchup to the fans in the TUF series amplifies the hype of the fight as well. Jackson and Evans are going to be great to watch as they are both entertaining personalities as well as great fighters. I hope your right about Rua as well. Machida looks strong, real strong.

  • Derek Bolender

    I just think its great how Machida went from being one of the most criticized fighters in the UFC to being a guy that people can’t stop gushing about overnight.

  • Jeremy Botter

    That’s what happens when you destroy someone that people just don’t like (Rashad).

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  • fernie torres

    all of you guys are stupid shogun is going to destroy machida.

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